Wiki taken shape! But we need your help!

The wiki is now starting to take shape but we need your help!
There are a few areas of the wiki we simply cant do on our own so we need people to contribute to it.
The first and easiest page to help on is the root guides page, we get alot of people wanting to use LinuxonAndroid but who have no idea how to root, so we want to build up a list of guides for as many devices as possible. These guides can just be links to XDA guides etc but I havnt the time to go through XDA and find the guides for each device, so please take a moment to link to the guide for your device!
You will see that the galaxy Note is already done to give you a idea of the format we want!

Another area we are looking for help in is the “uses for linuxonandroid” page, here we would like to create a index of cool ways to use linuxonandroid, prehaps you have made a mini webserver or some other even better use. Simply create a page on the wiki out lining how you did this etc and add a link to it on the uses for linuxonandroid page!

And of cause we are looking for people to generally contribute to the wiki, have a good idea for a page that you think people will find useful? Then do it :)
Or maybe you can just help out by checking spelling and grammar, every little helps :) lets get a great library of info built up!