Why hasnt there been any app updates etc?

I am sorry that there hasnt been any updates to the app or the images in the past weeks, there are a few reasons for this that I just wanted to share so you know the project isnt slowing down or anything.

There are two main reasons why we havnt updated anything for a little while.

The first reason is simple, this friday I will be moving flats so I have had alot less free time while I have been sorting everything, switching stuff to the new flat packing etc etc. But in a weeks time I should be pretty much back to normal!

The other reason is that we are working hard on some new bigger features to the app, which are taking quite a long time to test, retest and get working right and thus there hasnt been anything to release just yet.

OK I lied theres one more reason, before we do any more work on images we want to get a tegra device to test and work on, as it does seem more and more issue are raising up from these devices.

But heres a rough outline of the next month or so as far as updates go


Fix and integrate new features into app –> Release Beta Fedora and openSUSE images –> Fix tegra issues in Ubuntu/Debian/Backtrack –> Get Archlinux/Fedora/openSUSE to stable!


Of cause there will be other things going on between these and other small fixes and features etc but these are the main planned big changes