Weekly Update – Crowd sourced funding, support, engagement and more!

Ok so this is more of a update for the past month, it certainly have been a busy one (both for the project, and me personally… more on that later) but with the holiday period well and truly now just a memory, its time to get back to work! So what have we been up to? Find out below!

Crowd sourced funding

Last week we hit our bottom funding goal to move the project into a truly integrated and converged system, the funding has now been processed so we can start working on this! Contributors who selected a perk with a donation key should start getting emailed these during the next week.

We will keep you up to date with this project, funding did not hit as high as we had hoped so progress will be a little slower than hoped but backers should get access to the first release within the next month or so. In the mean time watch this space as we plan to keep everyone much more up to date!


New Support setup

The first move to a more organised and structured project has now been completed, while the end user will not notice much of a change, today our new support mail system went live, you still send your support questions to support@linuxonandroid.org messages get sent to a new system that allows a much easier management of questions and spam detection, the result of this will be a much quicker response time (from up to a week down to a few days at most) and preventing the chance of missed messages.

We have also merged many of our website pages into one help and support page HERE, This give all the information you need to access our FAQ, help forums, email addresses and IRC channel.

Looking to contribute?

As always people ask us how they can contribute back to the project, there are a number of ways to do this including a few new ways!

  • If you speak another language we are always looking for people to help translate the project, head over to https://crowdin.net/project/complete-linux-installer  
  • If you are a developer, either Android or Linux you might well be able to help, or perhaps you have made some changes to our code that you think we could use, if this is the case please email our new email address developers@linuxonandroid.org and we can get talking!
  • Our source code is also accessible on source forge  and as the project develops further we will be looking to allow push requests


As I had said at the start this has also been a very busy month for myself (Zachary Powell), why you might ask? Well at new year I got engaged to my girl friend, and we have set the wedding date! Why am I telling you this? Well it has become more important than ever to push the project as I work on making enough money to pay for the wedding, this project has never been about getting rich but rather making enough money to keep it going,  and I hope this keeps going so I can spend plenty of time improving and developing the project! Remember every donation key bought, every ad clicked helps make this happen