Weekly Round up 5/09

Something I have been wanting to do for a while now and have decided to do now is a weekly round up of everything LoA!
This will be posted every Monday and feature what we have been up to the week before plus any info you might have missed or didnt quite make it into its own post!
So on with the first Weekly Round up!

Week Starting 5th of August



Other Info

  •  Development had been growing strong since winning the XDA contest with lots of great new features nearly ready for release… and then my computer died, nothing has been lost however last week rent was also due and like many im sure I could not afford both rent and new computer parts. SO currently development is on a go slow while I repair my computer and hopefully find some more work. But worry not LoA will never die!
  • We are still looking for more people to help finish up some translations for the project, if you speak another language and would like to help head over to crowdin


I would just like to thank everyone that has contributed to the project, from our large list of Donators and those that have Contributed to the project.

But I would also like to thank our three Sponsors who each in some way help keep the project going!
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