Weekly Round up 4/10

Been a while since we did a weekly round up, so this is really a round up for quite a few weeks.

We have had alot of update for both the app and images, the images have had a real going over so make sure you check out all the new stuff which can be found on our source forge site!

A run down of alot of the changes are below, from next week I hope to post a more regular weekly update that will give you an idea of everything that we have been up to!

Thu, Oct 31, 2013
-Updated FULL Kali Linux image
–fixed dbus, ettercap (some user specific configuration still required); fully installed Kali Linux toolsets, added update manager & synaptic package manager, switched vnc server to run as root
-added Mate desktop to Fedora & Arch Linux (Mate not available for Debian-based distros on armhf yet)

Sun,  Oct 27, 2013
-Prior to this past week  updated all LoA distros to latest release
-Updated Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to be compatible with Android 4 3,  likely last update for this image
-Added Ubuntu 14.04 LTS pre-Alpha release in preparation for Android ARM64 (aarch64) devices released in early 2014
-Created Alpha release of Slackware 14.0 Core and Large images
– – Will move to Beta release once TigerVNC is added to Large image + bugfixes
-Fixed Kali Linux Full ext4 image md5 sum
-Working on fixing crash related to KDE and the Samsung  Galaxy Note 3,  regardless  of distro
– – Not present on Nexus7 (2013) Android  4.3
– – LXDE works fine on the Note3 (as a workaround)
-Updating SourceForge LoA wiki
– – Updated Ubuntu distro page
-Many of these updates are the result of forum user requests on both XDA LoA Q&A thread and from the LoA forums

Some of the changes are not yet within the app but I hope to push an app update this week as well as update the open source forge.