Weekly Round up 16/09

It has been a very busy week for everyone at LinuxonAndroid as we stand to get ready for some big changes in the project and team! We did miss last weeks round up as it was a smaller updated so we have merged the two into this post!



  • LoA is not working on 4.3! – Over the last week it was brought to our attention that indeed 4.3  broke support for our current images, however check out the forum post http://forum.linuxonandroid.org/index.php?topic=283.0 new images with a fix should be coming soon!
  • LoA is still having issues with the Galaxy S4, if you have the device please head over to the google+ group to help debug and fix these issues http://linuxonandroid.org/help-get-linuxonandroid-working-and-stable-on-the-galaxy-s4/


I would just like to thank everyone that has contributed to the project, from our large list of Donators and those that have Contributed to the project.

But I would also like to thank our three Sponsors who each in some way help keep the project going!
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