v2 “un-released” for the time being

We have decided to remove the v2 app from the playstore and replace it with the old v1.2.1 release for the time being.

We where un happy with the amount of crashes and decided it would be better to remove the app for now and get the bugs all fixed.

Thank you for your patients and comments, we will also be looking to improve the widget(s) and included new builds guides before re-releasing v2!

2 thoughts on “v2 “un-released” for the time being

  1. mascondante says:

    You may want to add a note to the change log in the old version reflecting that it’s a rollback. Some people will be just smart enough to rags on the marketplace or via email and not check the site like I did to see what’s up.

    1. mascondante says:

      Rage, rather. Darn you autocorrect.

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