The Casetop – a project every LoA user should donate to!

You may well have already seen it (Seems to have taken the tech news blogs by storm!) but a partnership with Livi Design the people behind the very cool ‘Casetop‘ is now on the table as we aim to create a truly mobile Linux computer.

So what is the Casetop? Well its very much like the motorola ‘lapdock’ but its designed to work with any android device that has an HDMI or MHL connection, couple this with LinuxonAndroid and your Android phone very quickly becomes a complete Laptop, with a much longer battery life!

We are talking with the designers behind this project with the aim in the future to better support and integrate with the amazing peace of kit, but in the short run the best think you can all do to help this get off the ground is to head over to their kickstarter and back it!