Open Source goodness for all!

Its been quite a while since we lunched the v2 of our app onto the play store, and after many bugs and adjustments we feel its time to bring the good old open source version up to date… with some little extra goodies!

With the new v2 of the open source application (and its respective source code) you now have access to ALL features, this includes the donation only features on the play store. The reason for this? We there are a number but some key points that our users have raised and reasons of our own are listed below.

To grab the new open source apk head over to the source forge page HERE

To check out the source you can either head to the git on source forge HERE or you can if you prefer check out the github mirror HERE

We always welcome new bug fixes and features so by all means fork us!

Reasons for giving the open source version all the features:

  • It has been pointed out in the past that we are not truthfully open source if there are parts that are closed in the app – Now the only difference is the package name and the licensing check for the donation key has been removed.
  • Many users do not have play store access so can not get the donation keys – This was a big one, we did not want anyone to miss out, so by giving all the features in the downloadable apk everyone wins
  • We also feel that many people would rather have full access to all features and then choose to just donate if they wish, this way you can do that!

Why hold back the features in the play store version still?

  • The play store version will always be the first to get updated and new features, we do not want to make any that has already bought a key feel like its wasted money
  • Many of the ‘unlockable’ features are there just to reduce the number of users while in testing, for example Beta images – this gives us a smaller user base to work with when fixing issues before releasing them to everyone