New SVN Repo

Hello all,

Today we have a new SVN Repository live and ready to be used!

This can be found on our sourceforge site (Direct svn url linuxonandroid-code)

There are two reasons currently for this, the first is the bootscripts, this Repo will hold the current versions of both the bootscripts and the found within the images, you are welcome to commit any changes you will would be useful to this svn and we will review them for merging into the main bootscript (or

The second reason is the translation files, instead of running this from a forum thread we will now be doing this through the Repo, why?

Well it will make managing the files much easier for everything, anyone can download the english string and then just commit a translated version, and then keep an eye on it for changes to the english string.


So if you would like to start using the repo be it to add changes to the scripts or to upload translations simply point your svn client to linuxonandroid-code

Please note you will also need a sourceforge account (which you will be used to sign into the repo)