New Joint venture – XML Games

A new project I am working on with a friend of mine at university is ‘XML games’.
XML Games aims to allow the players themselves to easily and quickly create new game levels using a predefined set of XML tags. Coupled with an XML web platform, players can view and share each other’s levels online, unlocking the possibility of endless new and unique gameplay!
Using XML to design levels allows for us as the developers to make the levels and games completely cross platform. This opens players to an ever growing range of different levels all of which can be designed by anyone on any platform.

And we have just hit Kickstarter to make this project come to light and grow into something pretty cool.

Check out the kickstarter page now for more info!

Have worry not, this will not affect my work on LinuxonAndroid, we are working away on some great new features and working to stabilise the Linux installs before the next big release. Infact one of the reasons we are taking this new project to kickstarter is after how well the linuxonandroid kickstarter did.
So this will be a second project of mine to work on over the summer when I shall have much more free time to work on all my projects!

Thank you all and please check out the kickstarter (and back it if you like the idea!).