New Forum Feature: Donation Stars

We have a nice new little feature thats been added to the forum which gives another small perk to donating!

For every £5 you donate to the project you will get a nice little Donation star that will show up under your rank on all posts you make!

I had thought about setting this up to be automated. However I want to include those that buy the donation apps and also contribute to the indiegogo device fund.

So to get donation stars that owed to you simply contact me (PM/email/IRC) with how much you have donated to the project, and proof of these donations (paypal transaction id, gogole checkout id, indiegogo transaction etc) and your forum username and I will add your stars.

In any future donations if you simple state your forum username with the paypal transaction etc I will add them for you!

Check out the forum post on this for more info and what it looks like

Donated to the project but not signed up to the forums? Sign up today and claim your stars!