LoA Team position applications now open!

Hello all,
We have now opened applications for positions within the LinuxonAndroid team, We are looking to expand the team in pretty much all areas in efforts to improve the project and building something truly great!

No previous experience is needed, although it is recommend to have something (even just a good standing on xda). Some positions do have requirements others do not!
The rolls available are:

  • ROM Programmer – Help bring a fully fledged LinuxonAndroid ROM to life with much deeper Linux integration, and a fast stable ROM to use Linux with
  • App Programmer – Help improve the current Complete Linux Installer as well as future features and apps
  • Linux Programmer – Help build Linux side tools to make integrating with Android even better! Also help improve the bash scripts to boot and run linux
  • Linux Image Builder/Porter – Help maintain and build new images for Linux distros and support more distros
  • Forum Moderator – Help maintain our forums to make sure users can quickly get help and find answers to issues
  • Wiki Moderator – maintain the wiki, improve current articles and keep the wiki formatted
  • Tester – Help test new releases of the App, plus ROM and really anything else we need testing!

The below do have requirements:

  • ROM Programmer – Must be able to compile ROMs from source and have some knowledge in GIT, Java, merging features into ROMs.
  • App Programmer – Must have good Java knowledge
  • Linux Programmer – Knowledge in programming languages including C/C++ and java
  • Linux Image Builder/Porter – Knowledge of Linux in general

If you would like to apply for any of these head over the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tfgz5gWaTj7ZvI6cFpLOxc0kOufT4SyOWjJh9l6o24w/viewform

Applications will stay open until the 29th. After which we will assign people and let everyone know!

If you have any questions about the application or think you could help somewhere else feel free to ask!