Kali Linux BETA released!

Yes the VERY demanded new Linux distro is now officially supported!

This is the first beta and of cause has its bugs (see bottom of most), but most importantly this is our first image to use armhf format which should mean overall far better performance.

This does however need testing so please let me know if you have any issues with the new format. It does mean that ARMv6 device will not be able to use these images, but we do plan to maintain a armel debian image for these devices.

The biggest issue with this beta build at the moment is most of the kali tools are not preinstalled, however all the kali repositories are up and working so you are able to install which ever tools you require! (this is to save space)


You can grab the image file now from our source forge page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxonandroid/files/Kali%20Linux/ and they image will be available in the app for donation key users most likely tomorrow.

Current known issues:

  • Kali tools not installed
  • normal user not working only root user
  • vncpassword is ‘debian’
  • Using armhf need testing

One thought on “Kali Linux BETA released!

  1. clearday says:

    Please add to list of Kali Linux bugs:
    – terminal app console crashes when accessed in VNC GUI session.
    – apt-get upgrade command does not install pen testing tools (tools must be installed individually through apt-get install)
    – tools for bleeding edge repository (see link below)) does not install


    Otherwise this is an awesome beta!


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