Introducing our Kick-starter campaign

After much discussion it has been decided to launch a kickstarter campaign for the project!

I primarily run this project with the help of two other developers, but we all do it for free and in our spare time, which has become very limited. ‘Free time’ has become so limited in fact that the project has almost ground to a halt, which is not what we want!

We want to raise enough funds to be able to commit our resources to this project and to kick start it into a new level. (and giving some cool swag out in the process is always a good thing)

Anything from just £1 will help make the goals possible, and if you donate a little more you can get some very limited edition swag!

For more information on what we want to achieve with through this campaign and more importantly to check out the swag head over to the kick starter page today!

We have 43,000+ users of our app now, if all of you donated just 10p we would be able to almost reach out top goal so please consider donating today as even the smallest amount will help!