Introducing Complete Linux Installer v3 Alpha!

Many have asked what has been happening over the past few months since our indiegogo campaign, and we have been working hard in the background.

Sure there have been alot of delays due to real world issues, but we are back and its time to get the machine rolling again.

Time to brings on the updates!

I would like to introduce Complete Linux Installer v3, this has been completely rebuild from the ground up to get ready for ROM integration, but also to give a cleaner user experience and many new features!

Before we talk about the first Alpha and how to get on the alpha testing program below is a brake down of all the new features planned for the final stable v3 release. To track these features and there progress see: HERE

  • No more Ads!!! – We have decided to stick to just donations keys for funding the project
  • New Navigation UI 
  • New Splash Screen – Checks for SU and ADB before allowing user to install
  • All in one install guide – Merge all the guides into one, just pick your distro and the guide is the same!
  • Stream lined Launcher – New launcher that allows automated searching for .img files
  • Improved News – New News page to read updates from the blog from within the app
  • Improved Change log – Change Log view sync with online change logs for Images and Scripts
  • New Bootscript – New bootscript with alot of clean up
  • Custom building Install – No longer have to download a complete image, download the core and customise the install from within the app
  • Integrated Terminal – Remove need for external terminal app, all booting and set up done within the app
  • + more to come!

Alpha 1

To join the new Alpha test team you will need to join THIS google+ community and then head over to the play store and grab the alpha, However note that that Alpha releases will not be feature complete and will have bugs. Once all features have been implemented v3 will reach BETA where we will test until its bug free and finally move to stable.

The alpha 1 release is just a show case of the new splash screen and UI nothing else yet works. More updates will become avaible throughout the coming weeks as we develop the new features.

Screenshot from 2014-03-23 16:35:13 Screenshot from 2014-03-23 16:38:58