Huge Update! v2.6 Released

It has been a very long time coming but A new update to the Complete Linux Installer has just been pushed to the play store (may take a few hours to be downloadable), and boy is it a big update!

Since the reforming of the LinuxonAndroid team we have been working tirelessly to fix up all those bugs and create up to date images for all your Linux enjoyment.

And that update is now here!

Everything has been updated, the app, the script and the images so below are their change logs to help organise just how much has changed.


*Added 4.3 support with new bootscript and images
*Fixed side menu to small on high rez devices
*New prompt to check with user before installing bootscripts and busybox
*Experimental support for x86 devices
*New updates images (see image change log)
*Dropped Ubuntu 10.10 and 12.04 images from app and old Backtrack images, although still on source forge site
*Removed translations as much has changed (will add new translations as they are created)


*New script for devices running Android 4.3


*Ubuntu 13.04 – Core, Small, Large
*Ubuntu 13.10 – Core, Small, Large
*Ubuntu 13.10 (x86) – Small (ext2) & Large (ext2)
*ArchLinux – Core, Small, Large
*Kali Linux – Basic (i.e. without tools and 4GB), Full (Full Kali toolset and 8.3GB)
*Debian 8.0 – Core, Small, Large
*Fedora 19 – Large – Beta status due to dbus error
*openSUSE 12.3 – Core (ext2) & Large – Alpha status due to missing vncserver package in arm repository; fix is to compile vncserver from source. Note this distro has poor arm support in the repositories with key dependencies missing for some basic packages.

As always all images can be download from our source forge site here both as normal downloads or via a torrent.

The open source version of the app shall get an update in the coming week to bring it update to date as well.

Thank you and enjoy!