Fedora is out now what?

This is something alot of you have asked, “whats the next plan?”  “now kickstarter is funded whats going to be done?” Oh and the biggest one “when is kali linux going to be supported!”

And to answer all these questions I present you with a (very) rough road map of the next month.


First wave:

  • New Kali BETA image(s)
  • New OpenSUSE BETA image(s)
  • New Ubuntu 12.10 BETA images(s)

We plan to complete these within the next two weeks and they will be available in the app for donation users after this (of cause please note for non donation users you will still be able to download them via our sourceforge  site https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxonandroid/files/)

Second Wave:

  • Guide to installing Linux to a partition on your SDcard
  • Clean up wiki including how to guides to build your own images for all supported distros
  • More guides and FAQs on the wiki

This we hope to do within a week after the beta images are complete and of cause this is to keep in-line with the promises made within our kickstarter project

Third Wave:

  • Work through each current BETA to bring it up to stable release

This will most likely take the most work but we plan to make all the BETA images stable before moving on to support any more distros, this will at this point most likely include new extra features to however these have yet to be finalised!

I hope this answers alot of your questions, and of cause we can not offer ETA’s however thanks to the kickstarter funding all the above should be completed far quicker than in the past and you should see stuff being released by the end of the week.