Documentation Growing!

One of the things we promised that would happen with the kickstarter money is to expand our project documentation.
And now thats happening!

Our source-forge wiki has now started to be filled out with more useful pages and information on the project.

You can reach the wiki via HERE and have a look through everything, below is an outline of everything we aim to cover over the next few weeks.

*[Complete Manual] – This is a complete user manual for the app itself (how to use the different features within the app) as well as the guides to installing the Linux distros

*[General FAQ] – For all FAQ pages
[Basic FAQ] -This is for general questions about the project, please read this before sending a support email!
[App FAQ] – For any questions related to the app (Complete Linux Installer), the VNC app and other app related issues.
[Advanced FAQ] – For more advanced questions, including how to increase the image sizes.
[Boot Script FAQ] – For any questions related to the boot scripts including any errors you get during booting.
[Linux Image FAQ] – For any questions to do with the linux images themselves (errors you get within linux etc)

*[Rooting Guides] – LinuxonAndroid requires root so here is a library of rooting methods for devices

*[Uses for LinuxonAndroid] – Guides on how to use LinuxonAndroid for a whole host of things

*[Changelog] – Changelogs for the apps/scripts/images (also found within the app)

*[Supported Distros] – A outline of all distros we support (with links to there respective wiki pages)

*[Building Guides] – Guides to building your own images to be used with our app and scripts