Complete Linux Installer v2 Hits stable release!

The time has finally come! the new v2 of our app has hit stable release.

This signals the start of a wave of new updates for the project, as the rebuild is finally complete we can now work on even more new features and work on supporting and stabilising more Linux distros.

But for today enjoy a fresh new release of our app along with a few extra features from the last beta and it should be rather stable now!

Of cause if you do find any bugs or crashes do let us know and send in bug reports.

You should be able to grab the v2 update from the play store now (HERE), the open source version of the app shall be updated in the coming days (requires a little more work as we know use a couple of prebuilt packages).

The complete change log:

Huge reworking of the app from the ground app, everything is optimised and new features including:
*Removed ‘dashboard’ UI in favour of a side opening menu to make switching between menu items much quicker
*Tabs used in Install guides to make moving through the install process easier (you can also swipe from tab to tab)
*New First ‘boot’ loading screen to give user information about what the app is doing on first boot, which stops freezing
*New way of handling donation keys should stop the app from not seeing a key when its installed (keys DO NOT need updating)
*Fixed ubuntu 10.10 linked to the wrong location
*Moved News to AsyncTask to stop it freezing
*Reworded All text to be easy to translate and fixed all grammar and spelling mistakes
*New File Manager to select image file in launcher
*Updated 1×1 widget to use file manager and improve its usability
*New Finnish, Danish, Korean, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Spanish and German translations


And look out for more updates in the coming days/weeks!