Complete Linux Installer v2 – BETA 2

Hello all again!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope the new year will be just as good!

Today I bring you all a little treat, the second BETA of the Complete Linux Installer v2, this is really just a bug fix  release although in the back end alot of work has gone on ready for some new extra features that will see light before the final release ;).

The new update also includes a finished string.xml file, which is ready to be translated. This file will not change before final release (apart from small grammar spelling issues) so now is a good time to start translating, our aim is to get over 10 translations finished before final release so even more people can use the app. You can download the new string.xml file and post you translations in the thread found here

I hope that many of you will download this new version and try it out and give feedback, this is your chance to help shape the final version!

If you would like to give feedback or if you find a bug that isnt on the below list please email and in the subject include [FEEDBACK] or [BUG] (This also includes any spelling mistakes in the text etc.)

Screenshot from 2012-12-23 00:49:47 Screenshot from 2012-12-23 00:50:21 Screenshot from 2012-12-23 00:49:18

You can grab the second beta APK from HERE

Beta 2 Change log
Huge reworking of the app from the ground app, everything is optimised and new features including:

  • Removed ‘dashboard’ UI in favour of a side opening menu to make switching between menu items much quicker
  • Tabs used in Install guides to make moving through the install process easier (you can also swipe from tab to tab)
  • New First ‘boot’ loading screen to give user information about what the app is doing on first boot, which stops freezing
  • New way of handling donation keys should stop the app from not seeing a key when its installed (keys DO NOT need updating)
  • Fixed ubuntu 10.10 linked to the wrong location
  • Moved News to AsyncTask to stop it freezing
  • Reworded All text to be easy to translate and fixed all grammar and spelling mistakes


  • Tablet layouts are not yet working
  • Pressing launcher menu automaticly opens ‘edit’
  • News is broken

— TO DO —

  • Fix Tablet layouts
  • Add filemanger
  • Across app cleanup

— BETA bugs fixed —

  • Themed sidebar
  • Side menu will not open on launcher
  • Fix Theme

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  1. Onni Härkönen says:

    That’s nice looking app there. But i’m waiting for Fedora for android 😀

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