Complete Linux Installer v2.1 release

After much work fixing up the show stopping issues found in the v2 app we are very proud to announce the re-release in the form of v2.1

This version includes all the great new features of the v2 app as well as fixing the bugs and a few extra tweaks (See complete change log below).

IF you do still find bugs release report them ASAP we shall be monitoring bug reports closely with the aim to fix any big bugs very quickly so we do not have to unrelease again.

But this new version has been tested and no big bugs can be found.

Get it from the play store now!

(Open source version will be coming in the next few weeks after code clean up)

2013-02-10 22.05.33 2013-02-10 22.05.47 2013-02-10 22.05.55

*Improved side menu with smaller text and better icons
*Fixed crashes when adding/editing images
*Fixed donation keys not working
*New Portuguese, Chinese translation

*First bug fix, should take care of alot of the crashing (possible not all)
Please bear with us while we get to the route of these issues and iron out the new app.
If you do get any more crashes do please send in a report and let us know what you where doing when it crashed.
Thank you

V2 Update!
Huge reworking of the app from the ground app, everything is optimised and new features including:
*Removed ‘dashboard’ UI in favour of a side opening menu to make switching between menu items much quicker
*Tabs used in Install guides to make moving through the install process easier (you can also swipe from tab to tab)
*New First ‘boot’ loading screen to give user information about what the app is doing on first boot, which stops freezing
*New way of handling donation keys should stop the app from not seeing a key when its installed (keys DO NOT need updating)
*Fixed ubuntu 10.10 linked to the wrong location
*Moved News to AsyncTask to stop it freezing
*Reworded All text to be easy to translate and fixed all grammar and spelling mistakes
*New File Manager to select image file in launcher
*Updated 1×1 widget to use file manager and improve its usability
*New Finnish, Danish, Korean, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Spanish and German translations