Complete Linux Installer updated to v2.7

A new release has been pushed to the play store which bumps the app up to v2.7, and with it are quite a few updates!

The full change log as normal can be found at the end of the post, but there are two important updates include:


We have now added adverts to the app, this is explained in the post with the hope it will keep the app funded and keep the project running so we can keep giving you the great power of Linux on your android device. Some will not be happy with Ads, but the donation key does remove the ads so if you would rather just pay once then please do!

If you have any feedback you would like to give about the ads feel free to email

New images

All the images have now been updated to the newest versions on the source forge site, this includes bringing Fedora 19 out of beta!

With the next few updates we hope to bring all the distros and types of images currently on the source forge to the app, some will be donation key only  (those still in beta)

* Built against Android 4.4
* Updated Debian Testing large ext4 image
* Updated Kali Linux Full image (both ext4 and 2)
* New ads added to app, for more information see: Remember the donation key removes these!
* Fedora 19 no longer in beta!
* New Norwegian and Portuguese translations