Complete Linux Installer updated to v2.5

After a few days in beta we are happy that the new version of Complete Linux Installer is now much more stable than older version!

If you do find any bugs or crashes let us know either via email or supporting a bug report.

With this update we have also done away with the £1 and £4 to just have the one donation key (at £2), many users where confused with the three keys and moving to just the one will make the proses much simpler, and easier to update the key.

If you only have one of the other old keys these will still work and you will be able to download them still (but new users can not buy the keys).

Want to donate more than £2 to the project? There is still a number of ways to do this, you can donate via paypal or become a sponsor (See)


Change log:

*New side menu library used – should fix all menu crashes
*Added Romanian translation
*Fixed News page