Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.2

Thats right finally a bigger update is ready, and if your using Backtrack your going to love this one!

This update includes the new v10 backtrack image which has fixed all the reported bugs people have been having with this distro.

Its strongly recommend that you update to the new image as (dare i say it) Backtrack should now be stable, this image has been tested on all our test devices and no issues have been found.

See this as a sign of things to come, we have decided to move through the supported images fixing all known bugs before moving one to finish up Archlinux/Fedora/OpenSUSE/Ubuntu 12.10


Change log:

*Fixed user not being able to use sudo
*Fixed S and M being used as keyboard short cuts
*Backtrack 5 wallpaper included again (by popluar demand!)
*Dare I say it Backtrack should now be completely stable

If you do come across any bugs do let us know!

Update the app now to get the newest image or head to the download section for direct links!

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    Thanks for distros

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