Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.1.7

This is another small update that includes the new v9.1 backtrack image

This new backtrack image has fixed the md5 sum issue that the v9 image was happening.


While this is a small update this dose signal the start of many more updates to come as we get back into the swing of things!

3 thoughts on “Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.1.7

  1. adgjmptwajt983 says:

    Hello, I am trying to use Ubuntu12 on Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and I had this problem.
    When I press launch button on app, the terminal app said,
    $ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH
    cd /sdcard/ubuntu
    sh /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/ /sdcard/ubuntu/ubuntu.img
    $ $ # Validating image checksum… /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/ /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/busybox: permission denied
    Error: Checksum failed! The image is corrupted!
    This is what it said need help I download Ubuntu12 small file and I also extracted it please contact my gmail. Thanks

    1. Ki113R says:

      Hello There ,
      I had a similar problem on my Galaxy Ace , in the end What I did was wait for it to start booting and at the
      -“validating image checksum line of code- I typed the word (without quotes) “skip” hit return, then typed “skip” (a second time and hit return again)

      then the install script ran without doing the MD5 check , nothing wrong with the Image file as it turns out. This worked for me so I see no reason it won`t work for you too – you have to type “skip” and hit return the first time to “stop” the MD5 check ,
      and the second time to dismiss it as not needed.
      I found this out after downloading the files three times thinking it was indeed corrupt as stated by system which turned out to be a false negative.

      I hope this helps and solves your install problem,
      I have also let Developer know about this in case it is a recurring issue,
      All the best,

  2. Ki113R says:

    Hi All,
    One thing I have realised myself by the way Developers is the first time I tried an install, I had previously updated Busybox to 1.20.2 with disastrous results , think it is possibly the symlinking of applets that were not symlinked with the version of busybox shipped with ROM (Cyanogen Mod 7.2.- RC3-vo-1) which is specifically ported for ROM version is ,Busybox 1.20.1- cm 7
    I will give more info about this possible issue when I have had time to Document the Installed and not installed applets on my phone which I am going to do before I am brave enough to try another update of busybox with the intention of leaving symlinks out when I update it that are not there already. (Had to reflash firmware after first attempt!)

    Thanks for installation app by the way, Awesome work, Many Thanks,
    well worth the patience it took for the install anyway, it`s all a learning experience
    after all.

    Running Debian Large on
    Galaxy Ace (cooper) GT-5830
    Android version 2.3.7
    ROM Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0-RC3- cooper-vo-1
    Kernel version ketut- AOA110 #1
    Baseband version S5830NEKP7
    Build number GWK74

    Also have simple2ext script running which also may have contributed to MD5 check mismatch, and ultimately the “false negative” message stating that the image was corrupt but I could of course be wrong. My reasoning for this is it messed up clocks/ progress bar etc when transferring to root of sd card, (didnt actually finish being unpacked according to system, it froze , three times , 2/3rds the way through each time) all this after first placing downloaded archive in system/media before unpacking to be on safe side, also found out that it is very important to name folder “Debian” and not “debian” I think this may have been mentioned in install instructions by yourselves but not sure, took a few attempts!!!,
    Anyway first couple of times Boot up failed at the “Image validation / MD5″ part of the installation process / script , but, after a couple of attempts,
    I Managed to boot Image by simply Typing
    “skip” hitting return , Typing “skip” and hitting return a second time when MD5 checksum / validating image check started, this bypassed the
    Image validation checksum part which I think was the problem both installing and
    copying to sd, And then the miracle , sorted it , grinning like a mad man, I watched in delight as the script finished the Install , A Magical moment after a few hours of frustration I can tell You!!!

    Thanks again,

    Do you still require Moderators for Forum by the way ?
    I am happy to help if required, not qualified but learned a lot over the years Binning and having to restore my own systems due to silly errors that I have mostly avoided these days (hopefully, –fingers and toes all crossed for luck!)
    And also due to the other very Helpful people that have posted on some of the other forums out there, XDA Developers is essential reading these days and the only way to keep up with whats going on with all the Android platforms and ported ROMs out there, Kudos to the Developers and thanx Google for open source software, Everytime you jailbreak an iphone Apple chuck out an update , as far as I can tell the only reason for this is to force people to download from itunes etc.
    Bad Apples 4 sure!

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