Call to users, have old devices? Donate to the project

We are gearing up for some great new changes in the project, in light of Ubuntu Edge there is plenty of proof that people want a fully Linux distro running on their device.

And that is just what we aim to do!

However to reach the complete goal we want to support as many devices as possible, and to do that we need test devices.

As such we are reaching out to our great user base, if you have any old or damaged or unused Android device and want to help make LinuxonAndroid even better, then we need your devices!

As long as the device is booting thats all we really need, broken screen, water damage, cant read sim card these are all things that make the device pretty useless, but not to us!

If you are interested in donating any device you might have (even a G1 could be useful to us!) feel free post it to:

Zachary Powell

32 New Park Street





Or if you live outside of the UK and it would cost alot to send the device email us and we can discus paying postage depending on the device.

Thank you all!