Bug fixs and opensource

Over this weekend we have been pushing hard to clean up every last bug found in 2.5 and with today’s 2.5.2 release we believe the app has hit new heights of stableness!

You will find the changelog for the last two bug fixing updates at the bottom of this post.

Since we moved to the new app UI the open source version of our app has not been updated, the reason? We wanted to make the new version as stable as possible before making it open source.

We might just be at that point now! (although if you find bugs please submit then) and as such in the coming week the open source version of the Complete Linux Installer will get a complete revamp and bumped up to be in line with the play store version.

*More bug fixes
*Changed adbanner icon
*Ad now go straight to new donation key
*Added polish translation

*Fixed crash when pressing ‘open folder’ in launcher and not having terminal installed
*Other bug fixes for random crashes in app