A new way to support LinuxonAndroid – Bit-mining!

We have for some time offered the digital currency “bitcoin” as a way to donate and buy a donation key.

We have now found a new way to allow our users to help donate to the project, without costing them a penny!

You will notice in the right and column of our blog a new widget by the name “Bitcoin Plus Website Miner”, what does this do?

This widget uses your computers CPU to generate bitcoins that and then donated to the project, so you will find that your computers fan will spin up and get hot. But do not worry it will not in any way slow down your computer as it only uses available unused CPU time.

And of cause if you dont want to take part, you can simply press the stop button (or block java on our site).

We really believe this is a great way to let you give back without actually having to spend a penny! So if you want to ‘donate’ a little time just leave our site open and let it do the rest.

Thank you all for helping make LinuxonAndroid what it is today!

(for more info see http://www.bitcoinplus.com/miner/whatsthis)